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TypeGlass Lined Reactor
Special Notes
Equipment Detais
ManufacturerDe Dietrich Process Systems
Serial Number12345678
History and Operational Notes

Originally installed int he TIMAG pilot plant in 1969

Has been used on multiple duties and has been repaired with tantalum patches


Maintenance Loss Risk ( from RBM )A0
Production Loss Risk (from RBM )B1
Specific Legislative RequirementsPressure Systems,PUWER
Maintenance Plan
Maintenance Plan

Pressure Systems

This is a registered pressure vessel and ins inspected on a prescribed interval


The agitator assembly has machinery guarding requirments


There are lifting attachments on the agitator and on the vessel shell.


Agitator Assembly

The agitator assembly has vibration monitoring on a 2 weekly interval.

Spare seals and bearings are held in stock

The motor is a standard frame size ( see action to check frame size ) and can be rewound in 3 days

Scheduled routines are in place to cover machinery guarding.

A Quality Build plan exists

Vessel Glass Lining

The vessel has been repaired several times using tantalum patches and GRP

Tantalum patches are held in stock but need to be fitted by a specialist contractor

An Engineering review is under way to determine if this and similar vessels meet best practice guidelines


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