Welcome to the BETA Apache Survey Tool

Welcome to the BETA Apache FoCul Survey Tool. This tool is available in three versions. A Pro version, a Lite version and an Open Source version. For more information go to or email

What do you want to do with the Survey Manager Application ?

The Survey Manager tool is very configurable and can also be integrated into other systems such as your help desk, CRM or other workflow applications. The following questions will help us to understand you needs better.
Who do you want to send the surveys to?
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Do you want to track the surveys by each recipient?
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How will the surveys be initiated?
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Will you need to use more than one language?
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Will you want to produce automated graphs in a spreadsheet?
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Are you interested in the Survey Tool Manager ?

If you are interested in a copy of Survey Manager please leave us some information
Would you be interested in a copy of this Survey Tool?
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If you would like the system please add your contact details here. Please include your email, company name and telephone number.

What did you think about this tool

We would very much appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you can give us about this tool.
Did you find this survey easy to use?
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Does the survey look good in your browser?
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Would you be interested in moving your Notes applications to the web or Intranet?
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Thank you for your input

Thanks for your input. We will process your feedback shortly. If you have any urgent concerns then please email us at or call us on 0161 660 8226